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All our cities have one big problem - uneven and potholed streets, sidewalks and courtyards. The streets are levelled and after a few years, the bumps and potholes make it difficult to pass again. The source of all these problems is incorrect earthworks. It is very unfortunate, but even now, with the exception of state roads, earthworks are usually carried out without the necessary technology and with the wrong materials. In most cases, projects do not allow for such things at all, and builders work in a way that is more convenient and cheaper for them. The consequences are distorted stones and potholes. Do you want your yard, driveway, or street where you are living or planning to build on to always be smooth? Controlled underground communications, entrances and other earthworks will help ensure this.

If there are already bumps in the yard, driveway or street, please contact us. An investigation will find out what the problem is and advise what to do. All you have to do is decide: to invest in compacting the base or to leave it as it is.

During the investigation, the quality of the compacted soil column is determined, the compaction indicators are determined and, if necessary, weakly and well-compacted areas are distinguished, recommendations and suggestions are provided. Depending on the needs and conditions, these studies include:

• Sampling for laboratory tests to determine the compaction index (Proctor density or CBR) • Prepared or theoretical surface tests by static or dynamic stamping • Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) test (dynamic probing) for soil compaction index or CBR in situ; • Test with a cone penetrometer (CPT) (static probing) to determine the strength and deformation  of the poured soil in situ:

• Drilling of wells for soil recognition and identification and soil sampling from deeper layers • Other soil laboratory tests and hydrogeological research

These tests are designed to determine the dynamics of groundwater, the distribution of aquifers, chemical composition, pollution and other indicators. We are currently conducting hydrogeological research to determine soil filtration parameters, migration of pollution elements and groundwater dynamics.


• Soil water permeability (filtration) coefficient • Aeration zone soil water permeability coefficients • Soil water layer water permeability coefficients. Installation of monitoring wells for monitoring purposes (monitoring of changes in groundwater level, hydrogeochemical composition and other parameters over time).


• Control of foundation preparation • Preparation of water well and sewage network projects • Economic assessment of geothermal heating system field contour • Consultation on soil cleaning issues • Consultation on issues of geological conditions of the plot • Consultations on the foundation and foundation installation issues • Geotechnical maintenance and consultations during the installation of foundations.

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