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Geotechnical and geological surveys of restored and renovated buildings

Geotechnical and geological surveys of restored and renovated buildings

Renovated buildings often face wall cracks, visible cracks and tilting of walls. As a result, geological surveys are required prior to renovation. The thickness of the technogenic soil layer is determined, the condition of the foundations of the renovated building is assessed, and the strength of the foundation is determined during the survey.

Geological surveys of buildings under restoration and renovation are performed by the following field survey methods:

• Screw or column drilling of wells near the foundation and inside the building • Sampling of the structure for laboratory testing • Excavation of pits for foundation depth, type and condition assessment • Cone penetrometer (CPT) test (static probing) • Cone penetrometer test with pair water pressure measurement (CPTU) • Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) tests (dynamic probing) • Laboratory tests to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the soil.

After performing the engineering geological surveys and analyzing the data, we will present a report of the findings to the registered LGT.

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