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We have the latest equipment and licences needed for conducting these surveys and enabling us to carry out even the most complex surveys in a professional, timely, and high quality manner under any conditions ranging from simple to especially complicated ones.
We apply the following methods of engineering geological surveys: borehole and column drilling, sampling, static or dynamic probing, field tests, laboratory soil tests.

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Eco-geological surveys

Eco-geological surveys are conducted for identification of contaminated sites, monitoring of fertilized fields, monitoring of ground water and soil near gas stations, identification of chemical pollution of the soil at landfills, monitoring of areas where chemical substances are used.
Pollution surveys do not limit to mere monitoring and testing. These essential processes are complemented with plans for management of a contaminated site, cleaning of contaminated soil or ground water, maintenance of a contaminated site management, and conducting of control tests.

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Advantages of geothermal heating

  • highly economical and the most environmentally-friendly heating system;
  • saving your financial resources and precious time;
  • undoubtedly one of the cheapest sources of energy because of the use of geothermal energy;
  • independent heating system;
  • durable heating system;
  • the system is not only used for heating of the house but for preparation of hot water as well.
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UAB “Geoinžinerija” is an innovative engineering company keeping up with the advancing technologies. Our strong suit is a team of highly qualified engineers with a wide range of know-how and skills.
The core goal of our activities is to carry out all work commissioned by you in a high-quality and safe manner by adhering to the standards and agreed terms, meeting all expectations and, naturally, by preserving the nature around us.
We do not limit ourselves to the achieved goals and the existing achievements but rather take every opportunity to improve and set new challenges for ourselves continuously. We do understand that human resources are the main tool in competition, therefore we pay a lot of attention to in-service trainings of our team members. Certified experts have gained recognition throughout numerous surveys of public buildings, viaducts, overhead roads, tunnels, underground communications, rail roads, roads, streets, etc. We take full responsibility not only for the quality of the work, but for the results as well.
Nowadays the latest technologies play a significant role in all areas of our lives. We take advantage of the opportunities provided by them. Professional human resources and modern technologies enable to ensure competitive prices to customers, favourable work implementation timelines, exceptionally high quality of the work, and application of innovative solutions. All this made it possible to enjoy the rapidly expanding circle of customers, recognition, and your trust.

Our awards in the field of geoengineering

The first five years have been the initial growing period for UAB “Geoinžinerija” during which the Company chose its direction and showed its character. There is still a long road of improvement ahead of us. A major sign of appreciation of the work done by the Company and its CEO (and a big surprise none the less!) came in the form of “Gazelė” Award for the fastest growing companies received at the end of 2018.

Currently the Company specializes in engineering geological and geotechnical surveys, eco-geological surveys. The results of 2015 have shown that UAB “Geoinžinerija” can be an equal competitor and a partner on the market of geological work. The Company sought to contribute to fair and successful development of geology business. To this end the Company submitted an application and became a full-fledged member of the Association of Geology Companies.

An integrated quality, environmental protection as well as occupational safety and health management system in conformity with the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards was introduced in 2016, but it is still being improved and adapted to the specifics of the Company

UAB „Geoinžinerija“
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