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Ecogeological research

There are many places in Lithuania where industrial activities have been carried out in various historical periods where a number of different chemicals have been used, storage facilities for those substances or simple warehouses for fertilizers or other agricultural chemicals have been used. Now that such activities are strictly controlled, many such areas have been left abandoned, and some remain unknown.

As the construction of residential houses, offices and industrial buildings is gaining momentum in Lithuania, these territories are increasingly being used for the construction of new buildings, and even residential quarters are being built in them. In preparing to build or live in such an area, it is necessary to investigate the current and future impact of the soil on the environment and whether the environment is harmful to live or work or not. Lastly, you need to know what you are buying or selling, whether you are at risk of environmental pollution charges, or if you will have to do a costly site clean-up. Timely ecogeological research will protect against such inconveniences.

Ecogeological surveys are also carried out to assess the impact of operators on the geological environment: soil, subsoil, groundwater and surface water, monitoring of fertilized fields, groundwater and soil near service stations, detection and monitoring of chemical pollution of landfills, soil, deeper soil layers and the prevention of chemical pollution of groundwater, the monitoring of terrestrial and aquatic areas where chemicals are used.


• Ecogeological surveys (determining whether the area is contaminated or not) • Detailed ecogeological surveys (determining the level and area of pollution) • Preparation of a management plan for the contaminated site • Treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater • Maintenance and control surveys for the management of the contaminated site; • Pollution surveys of buildings and building materials • Investigations of surface water bodies.


• Focal points • Contamination of soil and groundwater with heavy metals, oil products or hazardous chemicals • Risk of pollution • Prevalence and concentration of pollutants in soil and groundwater • Amount of contaminated soil and water • Monitoring of the contaminated area • The need to manage the contaminated site.

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