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Geotechnician consultations

Consultations on various geological, geotechnical and earthworks issues

Our team of qualified and highly experienced geology and geotechnical specialists will help to assess the conditions of the selected construction site and advise on the preparation of tasks for the geological surveys. We will also help to evaluate and clarify the results of the research already performed, to determine whether the soil and geological conditions of the site discovered during construction correspond with the results of the  geological survey, to assess the compliance of the prepared foundation with the project requirements. The company's specialists can also supervise the preparation of foundations in the face of difficult geological conditions.

Our specialists can provide vital information within consultations: whether the foundation is fully used, or whether you are paying too much for rejected or standard-design foundations, when the primer base is suitable for a much cheaper option. It is estimated that  in other countries in the European Union, where geotechnical design, maintenance and monitoring have long been an integral part of construction, about 60% of foundations are designed and built without considering the possibilities of the foundation. In Lithuania, geotechnical design only finds its place in general projects, as well as the need to perform geotechnical maintenance on construction sites in the presence of complex and intricately changing geological conditions and by changing certain design solutions during construction.

A qualified and experienced team will advise if there are any problems with earthworks during construction: for example, if the water cannot be lowered, the foundation cannot be prepared or its suitability is in doubt or other uncertainties will interfere with the work.

Your consultants for geological and geotechnical issues
Saulius Gegieckas
Dipl. Engineer Geologist, Geotechnician
President of the Lithuanian Association of Geological Companies

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