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Soil drilling


In the geological research sector, drilling is undoubtedly one of the most popular and important geological research methods, which allows the direct inspection and evaluation of soil and taking samples for laboratory research, together with other field research and testing, providing detailed information on the soil, its composition and groundwater. According to the Construction Technical Regulation STR 1.04.02: 2011 “Geological and Geotechnical Surveys”, this is the main and mandatory method of surveying the foundation of structures.


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Which soil drilling method is best depends on aspects like: purpose of soil research, access, geotechnical category of research, required quality and class of soil sample, soil type, well depth, as well as the purpose of the future structure and other aspects.


  • soil drilling allows you to identify and describe soils, determine  boundaries, see the structure and composition of the soil in detail, examine its physical and mechanical properties and determine the origin, all of which is important before assessing the foundation of houses, public or other buildings and structures;
  • soil drilling makes it possible to accurately determine the boundaries of specific soil layers;
  • only during soil drilling is it possible to take soil samples of degraded and unbroken soil for laboratory tests (it is true that in this case it is necessary to choose the appropriate method of soil drilling).
  • soil drilling determines the depth of groundwater, determines its nature and type, as well as takes water samples for laboratory tests;
  • when drilling the well, various geotechnical and geophysical surveys can be performed and groundwater monitoring and measurement sensors can be installed;


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  • A wide range of activity - we provide services not only in Lithuania, but also in neighboring countries.
  • The ground drilling service is provided using a variety of modern, state-of-the-art equipment, which not only speeds up work processes, but also allows the quality of services to be extremely high;
  • We have a wide range of loyal customers, including state and municipal institutions, construction companies and transportation infrastructure companies, design and architecture offices, various development companies, agricultural companies and private individuals, among others.


  • Soil compaction control. This study evaluates soil compaction, its level and quality. A solid and reliable foundation is one of the most important aspects in the design and construction of any purpose structures, buildings, as well as the construction of roads, railways and other elements of transport infrastructure.
  • Static probing. A popular, cost-effective and reliable method of engineering geological research, which makes it possible to determine the boundaries of layers, soil type, strength and evaluate its properties.
  • Dynamic probing. A simple, fast, mobile method, easy to apply and irreplaceable where very coarse or compact primers, uneven, sloping surfaces or hard-to-reach areas dominate. The study will allow us to evaluate the structural properties of the soil.
  • Soil laboratory tests. Informative and accurate soil survey, providing detailed information on soil type, composition, properties, strength, etc.
  • Static and dynamic plate tests. The tests on the static plate are based on the loads used, so the method makes it possible to estimate the possible deformations of the ground under certain loads. Tests using a dynamic plate provide an opportunity to assess whether the primer, due to its degree of compaction and quality, is suitable for the desired communications.
  • Excavation and description of pits. The method called surfing allows us to find out the quality, condition, structure of the foundations of old buildings, as well as to assess the soil beneath them. Such a study is especially useful if old
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